Basic Skills Handbook
Topic 1: Whole Numbers
1.1Rounding Numbers   [Answers]
1.2Adding and Subtracting   [Answers]
1.3Multiplying   [Answers]
1.4Dividing   [Answers]
1.5Counting and Comparing Objects   [Answers]
1.6Counting Objects   [Answers]
1.7Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers   [Answers]
Topic 2: Factors and Multiples
2.1Factoring   [Answers]
2.2Divisibility Tests   [Answers]
2.3Prime Numbers   [Answers]
2.4Multiples   [Answers]
Topic 3: Number Properties
3.1Commutative Property   [Answers]
3.2Distributive Property   [Answers]
3.3Exponents   [Answers]
3.4Order of Operations   [Answers]
Topic 4: Integers
4.1Comparing Integers   [Answers]
4.2Coordinate Plane   [Answers]
4.3Adding Integers   [Answers]
4.4Multiplying Integers   [Answers]
4.5Related Sets   [Answers]
Topic 5: Fractions
5.1Equivalent Fractions   [Answers]
5.2Simplifying Fractions   [Answers]
5.3Estimating with Fractions   [Answers]
5.4Comparing Fractions   [Answers]
Topic 6: Operations with Fractions
6.1Adding Like Fractions   [Answers]
6.2Subtracting Like Fractions   [Answers]
6.3Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions   [Answers]
6.4Multiplying Fractions   [Answers]
Topic 7: Mixed Numbers
7.1Improper Fractions   [Answers]
7.2Mixed Numbers   [Answers]
7.3Adding Mixed Numbers   [Answers]
7.4Subtracting Mixed Numbers   [Answers]
Topic 8: Decimals
8.1Decimal Place Value   [Answers]
8.2Comparing Decimals   [Answers]
8.3Fractions and Decimals   [Answers]
8.4Rounding Decimals   [Answers]
Topic 9: Operations with Decimals
9.1Estimating with Decimals   [Answers]
9.2Adding Decimals   [Answers]
9.3Subtracting Decimals   [Answers]
9.4Multiplying Decimals   [Answers]
Topic 10: Percents
10.1Percents   [Answers]
10.2Percents and Fractions   [Answers]
10.3Percents and Decimals   [Answers]
10.4Percent of a Number   [Answers]                                                                       

Topic 11: Two-Dimensional Figures
11.1Angles   [Answers]
11.2Rectangles and Triangles   [Answers]
11.3Parallelograms and Trapezoids   [Answers]
11.4Circles   [Answers]
Topic 12: Perimeter and Area
12.1Perimeter   [Answers]
12.2Area   [Answers]
12.3Circumference of a Circle   [Answers]
12.4Area of a Circle   [Answers]
12.5Related Areas   [Answers]
Topic 13: Surface Area
13.1Three-Dimensional Figures   [Answers]
13.2Faces, Edges, and Vertices   [Answers]
13.3Surface Area of a Prism   [Answers]
13.4Surface Area of a Cylinder   [Answers]
Topic 14: Volume
14.1Volume by Counting   [Answers]
14.2Volume of a Rectangular Prism   [Answers]
14.3Volume of a Triangular Prism   [Answers]
14.4Volume of a Cylinder   [Answers]
Topic 15: Similarity and Symmetry
15.1Congruent Figures   [Answers]
15.2Similar Figures   [Answers]
15.3Line Symmetry   [Answers]
15.4Rotational Symmetry   [Answers]
Topic 16: Data Analysis
16.1Mean   [Answers]
16.2Median   [Answers]
16.3Mode   [Answers]
16.4Frequency Tables   [Answers]
Topic 17: Graphs of Data
17.1Bar Graphs   [Answers]
17.2Double Bar Graphs   [Answers]
17.3Line Graphs   [Answers]
17.4Circle Graphs   [Answers]
17.5Pictographs   [Answers]
Topic 18: Measurement and Tools
18.1Converting Customary Units   [Answers]
18.2Converting Metric Units   [Answers]
18.3Using a Compass   [Answers]
18.4Using a Protractor   [Answers]
Topic 19: Expressions
19.1Evaluating Formulas   [Answers]
19.2Making Tables   [Answers]
19.3Describing Patterns   [Answers]
19.4Drawing a Graph   [Answers]
19.5Sequences   [Answers]
19.6Evaluating Expressions   [Answers]
19.7Function Rules   [Answers]
19.8Solving Simple Problems   [Answers]
Topic 20: Ratios, Rates, and Proportions
20.1Ratios   [Answers]
20.2Rates   [Answers]
20.3Proportions   [Answers]
20.4Simple Interest   [Answers]
20.5Comparing Rates   [Answers]

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